ANATOLY RUDAKOV was born 1951 in Russia.

Russian multimedia artist Anatoly Rudakov was previously known as a highly successful cameraman, who shot documentaries and news reports worldwide for over 30 years. After he graduated as a documentary cameraman from the illustrious Moscow Film School VGIK, he worked for the Geneva and London offices of the Soviet Television. His employers were ZDF, CBS, CNN, BBC and Discovery Channel. In 2008 Rudakov moved to Munich, Germany and started following his life-long passion for fine art photography with a focus on nature, people and urban spaces.

His work has been exhibited at various venues around Germany, Luxembourg, France, Hungary, USA and South Korea

"As a cameraman, Anatoly Rudakov captured actual moments on film. Since he is a multimedia artist, he works in a similar manner. His impressions of cities and landscapes are presented in an atmosphere that seems to vibrate. However it is not the kind of vibration, that occurs from an outside force, but rather it is a faint trembling, that seems to emerge from the objects themselves. In reality, it is the artist himself who moves slightly. Doing this he obtains the opposite of the object behind photography: to create a precise image. Using the technique of Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) Rudakov transfers his own movements to the motifs he is taking pictures of. These take on the vibrations and seem as if they had inspired with life." (Dr. Barbara Rollmann-Borretty)


Having been a cameraman for three decades I am still fascinated with moving pictures. A photo camera is for me another tool to capture the changing world.

The movies of Sergey Urusevsky, the father of subjective camera in the world cinematography (the Golden Palm-winning movie The Cranes are Flying and others) have long fascinated me. The emotional impact of pictures through the moving and living camera is overwhelming. While working with the photo camera I am also trying to translate the feelings into the picture and photographs into moving pictures.

My multi- image dynamic video shows are the result of my artistic intention. The generic movement in my images is underlined by the transition effect, the way I combine one image with the next one. The viewer witnesses the genesis of a new image. 60 photographs are combined trough unique „floating“ effect in a particular sequence to form a 60 minute in 4k video..



2018 ZEITPUNKT - ART FROM OBSERVATION, Leo Kuelbs Collection, Berlin, De

TRACES OF LIGHT at CICA Museum, South Korea

2017                WERKSCHAU- PHOTO17 MÜNCHEN, Praterinsel, Munich, DE

                        FAVORITE THINGS, Group Exhibition,Atelier Alen, Munich, DE

                        ALCHEMIC BODY | FIRE . AIR . WATER . EARTH, Jorge Jurado Gallery, Bogotá,COL

                        ANIMA MUNDI FESTIVAL, Palazzo Ca’ Zanardi, Venice, Italy

                        SOLO SCREENING, CICA Museum, Gimpo, Seoul, KOR

              BLUE IS THE NEW WHITE. Group Exhibition, Atelier Alen, Munich, DE

                        TREES. Group exhibition, 1650Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2016                 AAA - Atelier Alen's Annual Exhibition. Group exhibition, Atelier Alen, Munich, DE             

                        ESTATE. Group exhibition, LO STUDIO, Büdingen, DE

                        ANATOLY RUDAKOV. A Selection of his Photography, Solo exhibition, Ehrl Fine Art & Antiques,

                        Castle of Greding, Greding, DE

                        ETERNAL LONDON - living organism. Group exhibition, Gabriel fine art, London, UK

                        FACE TO FACE. Group exhibition, Atelier Alen, Munich, DE

2015                YUKISNOWSCHNEESNEG. Group exhibition, Atelier Alen, Munich, DE

                        BETWEENS. Group exhibition with Stéphanie Bonn, Fata Morgana Gallery, Berlin, DE

                        Amnesia. Group exhibition, Fata Morgana Gallery, Berlin, DE

                        Objects of Desire. Jahresgabenausstellung, Atelierhaus am Domagkpark, Munich, DE

                        GETRÄUMT. Magische Landschaften. Galerie Rose, Landshut, DE

                        City Vibrations. Solo Exhibition, City Kinos Munich, Munich, DE

                        A winter's tale (Best of show Winner). Group Exhibition, 1650 Gallery, Los Angeles, USA

2014                Light on earth. Group exhibition with Sherif Elhage and Raimund Feiter, curated by Claus Semerak,

                        Atelier Alen, Munich, DE

                        LACDA - Electron Salon Series. Group Exhibition, Los Angeles, USA

                        Heroes. Cinema for Peace 25 Years Fall of the Wall, Charity Auction, Berlin, DE

                        Stories. Juried Exhibition, Gallery PH21, Budapest, HU

                        L'heure bleu. Group Exhibition, Saint Tropez, FR

                        Leaving the Sharpness Zone. Solo exhibition, KJUB Gallery, LUX

                        Leaving the Sharpness Zone. Solo exhibition, curated by Dr. Barbara Rollmann-Borretty, Atelier Alen, Munich, DE

                        Saatchi On Screen. Art Project, Saatchi Gallery, London, UK

2013                München. Ein photographisches Poem. Group exhibition with Siegfried Kreitner (Minimalkinetik),

                        curated by Dr. Barbara Rollmann-Borretty, Die Box, Das Hotel, Munich, DE

2012                Die Poesie der Unschärfe. Solo exhibition, Galerie Rose, Landshut, DE



01/2017          LONDON ART FAIR. Modern British and Contemporary Art, London, UK

10/2016          ART.FAIR. Fair for Contemporary and Modern Art, Cologne, DE

06/2016          ARTMUC. Contemporary Art Fair. 3rd Edition, Munich, DE

01/2016          LONDON ART FAIR. Modern British and Contemporary Art, London, UK

09/2015          BERLINER LISTE 2015. Contemporary Art Fair, 12th Edition, Berlin, DE

09/2015          START Art Fair. Saatchi Gallery, 2nd Edition, London, UK

05/2015          ARTMUC. Contemporary Art Fair. 2nd Edition, Munich, DE

04/2015          Kölner Liste. Fair for contemporary art. 2nd Edition, Cologne, DE

11/2014          Fotofever Paris. 3rd Edition, Paris, FR

10/2014          Art International Zurich. 16th International Fair of Contemporary Art Zurich, CH

09/2014          BERLINER LISTE 2014. Contemporary Art Fair, 11th Edition, Berlin, DE





2015                International Color Award. Nominee title in 4 categories, Los Angeles, USA

2014                EPSON Pano Awards. 2nd Bronze Award in the category "Landscapes"

                        Grand Prix de la Photographie. 2nd Prize, organized by Rotary Club, St. Tropez, FR

                        International Color Awards. Nomination, Los Angeles, USA

2013                Sony World Photography Awards. Open Shortlisted Panoramic, London, UK

                        International Photography Awards IPA. Honorable mention Fine Art  in 6 categories:

                        Other, Abstract, Landscapes, Seasons, Trees, Travel/Tourism, Los Angeles, USA

                        International Fine Art Photography Award. Final Jury Round Selection, Paris, FR




Atelier Alen
Baaderstr. 34
80469 Munich

Rose Galerie
Nahensteig 183
84028 Landshut

Ehrl  Fine art
Schloß Greding * Nürnberger Str. 1
91171 Greding, Deutschland


Orleansky Gallery


Hyphen Gallery
55 Schitu Magureanu Blvd  
1st District Bucharest



Anatoly Rudakov's work is represented in privat and public collections in Austria, France, Germany, Luxembourg, Russia, Switzerland,  United Kingdom, USA and South Korea.