AMNESIA - Group Exhibition at the Fata Morgana Gallery

Fata Morgana Gallery

Vernissage: October 29th; 6-9 pm

October 29th-November 1st

The Fata Morgana Gallery presents the group show “Amnesia!”. An exploration of ever-shifting relationship with identity and individuality.  Who are we?  What impacts our ideas of self?  A series of photographs, paintings, prints and new media work create a diorama-like atmosphere from which to observe these always living and shifting notions, occasionally crystalizing into solid form.

Fata Morgana is itself a temporary art space comprised of a loose group of artists and art professionals presenting a vast array of work; different media, different styles, short shows.  Fata Morgana is an example of a large and complex identity.  The concept behind “Amnesia!” rests within the concept for the space, which further exists in East Berlin, an area constantly encountering its own identity issues.  

Work by:
Daniela Imhoff, Sandra Ratkovic, Anatoly Rudakov, Roland Moreau, Dolly Demoratti, Drew Simpson & Glowing Bulbs.