ETERNAL LONDON - living organism




Group exhibition

Eternal London - living organism

19th - 24th APRIL 2016


Open: 10am - 10pm

 Tabernacle W11, Notting Hill, London


"A Foggy Day in London Town' was the 1937 song written by George Gershwin. When visitors arrive in London they still expect to experience the fog, see the Queen, visit the Tower and drink warm beer. Of course you can still find these, but modern London, is not just a historical theme park. The city of over 100 languages, changes and evolves all the time. The kaleidoscope of culture, history and tradition is always shifting and reforming. London is a city of distinctive areas and villages, which you may only discover...if you get lost, without a map. You may even encounter an artist if you are lucky. Artists work within this maze, fending off the corporate world that devours everything in it's path. The new glass temples of commerce, constantly under construction, disguise the fact there is a huge diverse, creative organism existing just under the radar.. " (Richard Walker)


Anatoly Rudakov, View from the Shard. London, 2015

Anatoly Rudakov, View from the Shard. London, 2015