“Momentum is everything. It changes the vision, it sets in motion pictures and moving the viewer. The film, the "moving image" has found a technical counterpart for the dynamics of the world. Photographs have a reputation of static: from the flow of movements in the world, the camera takes a split second out, holding it, assures it, fixes it. Not so with Anatoly Rudakov. Rudakov has long been a successful documentary film and television cameraman. This is not just seen in his pictures at least, it’s the core of their photographic system. His images seem to move on before the viewer's face and escape the fixation. Here, the object is not lost, it does not disappear in the pure abstraction. Rather: The city lives, begins to vibrate, it generates patterns by hiding the unnecessary details from the viewer and focusing on the big shapes, color surfaces and the dynamics. With his new sense of "moving camera" Rudakov is close to the school of big movie cameramen as Sergei Urusevskij, who has implemented brilliantly and masterly Mikhail Kalatosovs poetic visions of the real world (eg The cranes) in the 60s and 70s. Rudakov develops like Urusevskij his own visual language to express optimally, what he sees and wants the viewer to see. Rudakov has found an impressive way to translate photography into film.”
Dr. Alexander Schwarz (Film historian, Curator, Filmmaker – Tolle Idee Projektagentur, Munich